Journal Entry #1, Oct. 11, 2002

     I have been in Glasgow for 3 days now.  My housemate Amy arrived the day after I did, so I was not lonely for very long.  Wednesday we did business near Byres Road and then took a bus to the city centre.  I purchased a duvet and duvet cover set for my bedroom among other things.  We also bought little things for the house.  Just a reminder: Amy and I have been renting a townhouse just 3 minutes' walk from the vet school since June '02.  We were away all summer and this is the first time we have actually lived in it. 

     It's been SO boring and quiet here so far.  We will be without telephone, television, and Internet until Wednesday evening (when the service is installed).  What to do without these three miracles of technology?  I really miss my parents and can't wait to talk to them.  I will be hunting for a public phone tomorrow so I can chat with them, but it won't be as private as I'd like.  I also have difficulty hearing in busy areas (like a grocery store or a busy street), making it more difficult to use a public phone. 

     Classes began yesterday (Thursday).  We had 2 hours of anatomy lecture and about 1 hour of anatomy practical.  The topic was "Skin" (including hair, claws, horns, and epithelium).  Today we had only 1 hour of lecture on "introduction to nutrition" (more like a review of our lecture last year) for Animal Husbandry.  We also picked up our class notes (soft spiral-bound books) for the year.  The topics include: Nutrition, Dairy, Pigs, Pig Housing, and Equine studies. 

     We've decided to study this weekend, since we'll definitely have nothing else to do.  I've been shopping to Safeway a couple of times but STILL don't have all I need.  I don't have a Switch card (equivalent to a debit/ATM card in the USA), so I must constantly take cash out from the ATM.  I feel like I'm spending so much money!  I guess we could also clean house this weekend, but that should not take too long.  Be sure to check out the pictures of the new house.  I really like this place, we just need to get settled in a bit more.

     The weather was good for the past two days (chilly compared to California), but today it is raining (and I mean ALL day).  It doesn't take long before I remember how much I hate the cold, wet weather. 

     As I still don't have Internet connection, this journal entry will not be published until about October 16th. 2003-2006  Cindy Fulton