Journal #10

March 20, 2003

    Sorry it's been so long since the last journal entry -- roughly one month, in fact.  When you get down to the final weeks of the term, you become very busy.  I've been studying all along since day 2 of the term, with gaps of 2-3 days where I would not study at all.  But I did not get too far behind.  As usual, I was furthest behind in animal husbandry.  Luckily, because I passed the exam last term (50+ is passing), I do not have to take the animal husbandry exam this term.  Just over a week ago we learned that we would have an oral exam in physiology this term.  Previously, we did not know we would have an exam at all!  But I had been studying physiology because it was a lot of material and is my worst subject. 

    Monday we had TWO written exams in one day...the worst it's been, ever.  The first exam was three hours long and was anatomy.  I feel I did fine in that, definitely got a passing grade (but you never know).  The second exam was 1.5 hours long and was biomolecular science.  I sure hope I got at least 50 on that one, it was more difficult than I thought it would be (asking more detailed questions than I expected, yet I was still prepared enough I think).  This term we did reproductive and urinary system anatomy, also a bit of small mammal/reptile/amphibian anatomy.  In biomolecular science we did immunology and biotechnology.  Tuesday we had the anatomy practical exam.  It was tough, but I think I did OK (since last term I thought it was worse and I still did OK).  Yesterday was the dreaded physiology oral exam.  I had Professor O'Shaughnessey as the examiner.  I left his office feeling like I did fine (as he said), but I'm still not sure how I will be graded.  In physiology we did reproductive system, sexual differentiation, renal, and endocrinology. 

    Today I have the last exam:  histology practical for anatomy.  There's a lot of histology that we did this term (or at least that's my opinion of it), and I never did feel quite good about it.  We have the male accessory glands, testes, penis, urethra, urinary bladder, ureters, kidney, ovaries, uterus, vagina, cervix, uterine tubes, nephron, and more.  I must be able to identify each of these things, given a microscopic picture of them.  I must be able to identify the different cell and tissue types of these things and give their function.  I enjoyed last term's histology practical, so let's see how it goes in a few hours. 

    I bought my train tickets to go lambing.  I can't believe it will be just over a week and I'll be leaving here for three weeks.  I'm going to Richmond, North Yorkshire.  I have never "really" lambed before, so I don't know how I will like it.  Thinking of all that allantoic/amniotic fluid from the placenta during birth...yuck.  Plus, it will be cold and I might not like the food there.  I hope I will lose weight though.  :)  I hope to learn a lot. 

    Tomorrow night, the girls and I are all going out to a pub.  It's always nice to celebrate the end of a term.  I have a few days off with Amy, then she leaves for home.  Hopefully we'll be able to go to the cinema and see a few movies during that time.  Although the term is over, I am already nervous about the professional exams.  They begin May 20, 2003 and we have 1 subject per week except for the last week...two exam subjects that week.  Oral and practical exams are scattered about on the schedule.  We only have 4 weeks to study for professional exams, and that's 4 subjects' worth!  Very scary.  I sure hope I pass. 2003-2006 Cindy Fulton