Journal Entry #13

June 16, 2003

    I did it!  I passed all my exams (to my knowledge, as the marks have not been published yet).  I am happy but feel quite odd with nothing "real" to do now.  It's the same old "blah" feeling after you finish exams each term.  Today was the anatomy oral exam.  I probably managed to pick up a couple of points, but the best part was not having an external examiner.  External examiners are usually a bad sign, unless you're extremely bright and at the top of your class in that subject.  External examiners are usually assigned to you only if you're borderline pass/fail or if you're going to possibly get distinction (which is basically the "plus" in A+).  Today I had two internal examiners (Dr. Robertson and Mrs. Dickie).  They asked me about the male reproductive tract and the abdominal cavity / abdominal body wall.  15-20 minutes sure goes by quickly! 

    I managed to bypass an external examiner in physiology.  This made me SO happy because physiology is my worst subject and I thought for sure I could have failed.  Nope...I passed!  I got a distinction oral for biomolecular science.  This was a surprise because I didn't think I was that good.  I still think I only got merit instead of distinction, but I'm truly happy with that.  Animal husbandry: I passed, and discovered this today when the oral exam list was e-mailed to us.  I was not on the list, meaning I am not borderline pass/fail or distinction.  I'm perfectly happy with that, too!  My practical exam for animal husbandry went quite well on Friday, too. 

    In two days (just slightly less now) my parents are arriving here in Glasgow!  I am so excited.  My Dad has never been here to Scotland and my Mom has only been here once (and it was stressful because that's when she helped me move here).  I'm going to make them dinner on Wednesday night.  Thursday we're going out with a couple of my friends to the Polo Club, which is an Indian restaurant that I've been to once (excellent food, and I know someone who works there).  Friday we're going to take the train to Edinburgh, where we will stay two nights at a bed and breakfast.  Monday we'll rent a car from Glasgow and leave on a 4-night trip to the Highlands of Scotland.  We should get lots of beautiful pictures and I can't wait to put them online.  My Dad got a new digital camera with higher resolution and a zoom you will notice quite a difference in the quality of photos on my website (except the more recent photos taken with my new non-digital camera).  My Dad even bought a tripod so we can take pictures of us 3 together.  It's really too bad that my sister can't be here, too. 

    I have a busy day tomorrow.  I have to clean house and go grocery shopping, and also have to meet the treasurer of GUVZS to pick up some money at the main university.  Not to mention the mandatory "sleeping in".  :)  I will write another journal entry after my parents and I return from our Highland trip. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton