Journal Entry #2

Friday, October 18, 2002

     Wow, what a week!  The schedule was crazy, and will only get worse with time.  Monday we were in class on the main campus (called Gilmorehill) from 9am until 4pm, for a total of 6 hour's worth of lectures.  These were the classes: 9-10am Bio. Sci., "Comparative and Integrative Metabolism".  10-12pm Anatomy, "Respiratory System".  1-2pm Bio. Sci., "Introduction to Infectious Diseases".  2-4pm Physiology, "Respiration".

     Tuesday was an entire day at the veterinary school campus (a.k.a. Garscube).  Lectures: 9-10am Physiology, "Respiration".  10:30-12:30pm Anatomy Lab, learned bones of skull and dissected dog head halves for respiratory system.  1:30-2:30pm Physiology, "Respiration".  2:30-4pm (5pm for some) Anatomy lab, continued dissection.

     Wednesday I actually skipped class, for a good reason: we had NTL come out and install the telephone line, broadband Internet, and digital cable TV.  I had to be there to let them in.  The lecture that morning was scheduled for 2 hours, but apparently was only half an hour!  People complained that they wasted their time heading over to the main campus for such a short lecture. 

     Thursday was a full day of anatomy at the vet school.  The topic was respiratory system (will be this topic for at least a week more), and we had 2 lectures and 2 labs.  We got to dissect sheep heads as well as our dog's heads.  Anatomy we looked at: the nasal conchae, the paranasal sinuses, the pharynx, the larynx, the trachea and oesophagus, nasal folds, and more. 

     Today we had a full day of animal husbandry in the Animal Health Technology Centre's Conference Room (at the vet school).  Topics: Energy Nutrition, Pig Management 1 & 2, and Pig Housing.  We had 2 hour-long breaks between lectures...making it a slow day. 

     I have been eating well, mostly frozen food.  I splurged and bought ice cream (Ben & Jerry's no less) and 2 bags of cookies yesterday!  It was freezing today (ice on the ground and roofs), so maybe I need the extra insulation <grin>?  I studied all the way up until Wednesday...and then last night only for a little bit.  I'm behind now, and need to catch up this weekend.  Tomorrow I hope to spend the evening with my friends Quynh and James, whom I have not seen in a while. 

     I'm concerned at the moment with airfare for my trip home during late December.  It's outrageous, perhaps costing me 900 US dollars!  Last year I paid more like 450 US dollars round trip for the same time period. 

      I guess that's all that's of interest to anyone now.  I'll write again next Friday.  Perhaps I can make this a weekly journal, compared to last year's "every month" or so journals LOL. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton