Journal Entry #3, year 2

October 25, 2002

     Things are beginning to feel "normal" now, and I'm getting used to this term's schedule.  We just finished our second week of our second year.  Slowly but surely we're headed towards our dreaded "professional exams" at the end of the year. 

     This week we did a lot more respiratory physiology and anatomy.  We also did a little bacteriology and integrative metabolism in biomolecular sciences, and studied pigs, nutrition, and pig housing in animal husbandry.  Next week I will be headed to Cochno Farm for a practical about "metabolism" (joy, joy).  Not to forget: I had a physiology practical last Monday and it was "interesting"...they had us breathing into bags and analyzing our exhaled gas (OK, I did NOT volunteer). 

     Another big part to this week was the Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society.  Last year I was elected to the office of Computer Representative.  This week is when I really started my job, completely updating the GUVZS website (please check it out at  It's difficult because you can only upload (FTP) the website on a university Internet connection...which I don' t have here at home.  Sure, the vet school is just minutes away...but it's still a pain to have to put your work on disk and walk over there to FTP it.  Last minute changes just aren't possible that way.  The GUVZS committee (all its officers) had a meeting this week and so far it looks good -- everyone seems to be very enthusiastic with wonderful ideas and good hopes for the future.  We are planning our first meeting for November 5th.  November 5th is a holiday here (sort of)...everyone does fireworks for "Bonfire Night".  We're hoping this won't detract from our meeting. 

     Tonight we had a get-together with Courtney and Rebecca.  They were over for dinner and dessert (and alcohol, of course...Rebecca made a wonderful punch).  I felt it was a very nice evening and was happy to be social in some way!  LOL...I don't really enjoy pubs anymore, so I don't get out much.  I'm trying to fill my extra-curricular schedule with club meetings, symposiums, etc.  I am thinking of joining the Clinical Club as well...which always has very interesting speakers. 

     Just what do I do online all the time, you ask?  For your information, I read three very interesting forums (community message boards) on and Delphi Forums.  I highly recommend them: ParrotParrot Pet Bird Forum (see for more info.), the Pre-Vet/Career Forum (see for more info), and the Veterinary Medicine Forum (  I get something different out of each of these forums.  At ParrotParrot I have gotten to know a lot of forum members (over many months) and enjoy their stories about their birds and life happenings.  I also am always on the lookout for any veterinary-related messages that come up, as I try to research and help out where I can OR listen for good answers (like breeding stuff, which I know very little about).  The Pre-Vet/Career forum is a place where I meet other veterinary students and also aspiring veterinary students.  I enjoy helping people through their decision to be a vet (or not), and how to get into vet school etc.  Finally, the Veterinary Medicine Forum is a spooky place!  LOL... sometimes people ask questions that they shouldn't (i.e. they should just take their pet to a vet).  Sometimes people bring up topics that are controversial (like declawing, ear cropping, raw food diets, spaying/neutering, breeding, and more).  Before you know it, you could be in the midst of a 500-message long topic!  I just post the occasional message there, usually to say "go to your vet!" or help in a tiny way. 

    I also read e-mail online.  I write at least 1 e-mail per day to my parents (except on weekends).  I am always awaiting their response...the time difference makes things difficult.  I recently subscribed to an e-mail list called "Exotic DVM" and this has been very educational for me.  Most everyone on there is an exotic veterinarian and many are specialised.  I get to read about interesting cases that sometimes cause difficulties in diagnosis and treatment.  The Exotic DVM list brings in people from all over the world, which I find very interesting considering that I'm an overseas student.  When I get really bored, I search for interesting topics on "Google" search engine (just anything I want to know or am wondering about).  I also will find an online game like a crossword puzzle where you can cheat (hehe) or a jigsaw puzzle.  So really...I'm not your normal computer geek <grin>.   

     What else did I do this week...oh yeah!  I bought my airline tickets to go home.  They were outrageously expensive.  This will leave me in financial hardship for the rest of the year!  I paid 612 pounds (!) round-trip to leave on December 23rd for home and return on January 10th.  To top it's not on an airline I've heard great things about....Continental.  I generally prefer Virgin Atlantic, and then British Airways, and then...nothing else.  But 612 was the cheapest I could get (unless I left from Edinburgh, stayed in Frankfurt, Germany for a night and arrived home on Christmas Eve!).  I am not going home for Spring break, so I definitely need to go home for Christmas (and it's the time of year where I get to see most of my family).  Not to mention my already-scheduled orthodontist appointment.  Sheesh...all the stress that goes along with being an overseas student.  It's good for you. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton