Journal Entry #4

November 12, 2002

    Today was a relatively long day.  We had two physiology lectures (fast, disorganised lectures) about the cardiovascular system first.  Then one hour of anatomy lab (cardiovascular) where we viewed radiographs and body parts (pinned and labelled).  Lunch was an hour and a half for me and I ate at the Refectory as usual for a Tuesday (with Courtney).  Finally we had anatomy lab from 1:30pm until 5pm (but I was done by 3:30pm).  We took out our embalmed dogs and looked closely at the blood vessels in the neck and thorax regions.  I also got to view the ultrasound of the heart demonstration, which I found very interesting and useful.  I took one final look at the demonstration material and then went home. 

    I have been bad!  I have not written a journal entry for about 2 weeks now.  It's just been so hectic and busy around here, and personal things like my website are often farthest from my mind.  Last weekend I attended the British Veterinary Zoological Society's (BVZS's) Autumn Meeting held at the Edinburgh Zoo.  The topic of the meeting was "Advances in Avian Medicine and Surgery" (my favourite!).  I learned a ton there and had a fantastic time.  I got to see only a little bit of the zoo, and enjoyed the penguin exhibits the best (you know my fascination with birds).  I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast on Saturday night, which was quite nice.  I had the BEST pizza from a little tiny chippery; it was a real surprise.  I took the train in early Saturday morning (6:30am train) and walked to the zoo from the Haymarket Train Station.  It took 45 minutes (I hadn't known it would be such a walk and didn't wear my best walking shoes).  Sunday evening I got a ride home from Jenni (also from Glasgow Uni.), who was very kind.  At the meeting I was able to meet a few avian veterinarians and made contacts for the GUVZS in order to get speakers for this year.  I also gained an article for my research paper "Feather Mutilation and Self-Mutilation in Psittacines" (and my abstract is due on Thursday).  About 6 students from Glasgow Uni. attended the BVZS meeting. 

     Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we're planning a huge dinner at Murray's house (Murray is the Deputy Warden at Wolfson Hall).  I will be bringing the ham, IF I am able to attend (the 28th is also the first presentation day for my research paper). 

    I have no time for anything!  If I waste my time online, reading forums, I end up having little time left to study.  So I am now allocating the "just before bedtime" hour for online stuff.  My computer stays turned off until then, or I will end up finding a way to procrastinate.  I find that I can be really productive if I put my mind to it and forget about the computer. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton