Journal Entry #6

December 21, 2002

    The term is OVER . . . finally.  Yet it seems like time has flown by.  This term was definitely a challenge for me.  It took a lot of willpower to get myself to study so much for 10 weeks straight.  There comes a time when you've just had ENOUGH.  This past week has been very stressful for all of us.  We had 6 exams (if you count anatomy practicals as exams).  Monday was the written anatomy exam, in the afternoon.  I was best prepared for that exam (anatomy is my best subject) and feel I did well.  Tuesday afternoon we had the anatomy gross practical, which was very difficult compared to some previous gross practicals.  Everyone I talk to agrees . . . the gross practical was NOT easy.  I think I lost a lot of points there, and it was worth 15% of the total class exam mark.  Wednesday was the dreaded physiology exam.  This one counted something towards the professional exam.  It is notoriously a difficult exam, too . . . with high negative marking and difficult (tricky) questions.  I feel I did OK on the physiology exam, hoping to pass (as everyone hopes).  Thursday morning we had the animal husbandry exam.  I was least prepared for this exam, but feel I passed (we'll see).  (Remember that I passed all my exams very well last year).  Thursday afternoon was the anatomy histology practical.  I think I did OK on that exam, better than the gross practical.  Finally we had the biomolecular science exam (7.5% goes toward professional exam mark).  I was pretty well-prepared and feel I did fine.

    So now that the term is over, everyone went home!  Rebecca goes home on Christmas day, so I do have her company.  Brian is also still here.  I hear that Wolfson Hall is a lonely place right about now.  Today I woke up late and then went Christmas shopping.  I'm very happy because I am now totally done with my shopping, and don't have to worry about that anymore.  I can't wait until Christmas so I can see how everyone likes their presents.  It's pretty lonely here in the house, very quiet.  No good movies are on TV either (and we have the movie channels for this month only).  Tomorrow I'm going to have dinner at Rebecca's place.  Our landlady was very nice and gave us a carrot cake, so Rebecca and I will be sure to enjoy it (after all, I can't eat it all myself).  Oh I can't wait to go home!  I leave on Monday the 23rd around 11am (really will be leaving the house around 8:30am). 

    The weather this past week was beautiful.  It was frosty/icy almost all week -- everything was covered in white frost or ice.  It was very cold, but it just felt right for the season.  I donned my hat, gloves, scarf, and silk thermal underwear.  I wore sweatshirts, sweaters, and fleeces.  I really enjoyed my 4 walks to the main campus this week (can you believe I walked that much!?!  4 miles one way . . . OK, I cheated and took the bus home after each exam <grin>). 

    This is it!  The end of my journals for year 2002.  I will be writing again at the start of next term.  Our first day of classes is January 13th, a Monday.  We'll have to see if I remember (and have time) to write a journal entry that week.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a happy new year. 2003-2006 Cindy Fulton