Journal Entry #7

January 15, 2003

    I am back in Glasgow after a wonderful (but too short) holiday at home in California.  I made my new schedule for the upcoming term as soon as I arrived here.  It will be another busy term, ending on March 21st of this year.  This week, we are learning these topics in my various classes:

Biomolecular Science: Immunology

Anatomy: Fish and Reproductive anatomy.

Physiology: Female reproductive endocrinology

Animal Husbandry: Equine, Genetics/Breeding, and Dairy Nutrition.

    I had 3 meals planned to cook this week, which is very good since I usually do not cook (frozen food is my staple).  Last night I made orange glazed chicken with rice and corn.  The rice was too dry (overcooked) and the chicken was so-so.  I just need more practice.  The weather here is terrible.  It's very windy (the wind can easily blow you over), with occasional showers of rain.  The day I arrived (last Saturday), it was 18F!  It had been very cold last week, according to our landlady.  A valve broke on some of our water pipes and water gushed into the veranda outside.  Luckily, it did not do too much damage. 

    This week is pretty nice in that some anatomy classes were cancelled on Thursday, and we got out at 11:30am this morning (from animal husbandry seminar).  It ends up that we get out early 4 days this week!  This leaves plenty of time for studying and NOT studying.  :)  A very good start to the term (although we had 6 hours of lecture on Monday).  

    What did I do over the holidays?  Well, the day after I arrived we had visitors.  My Aunt, Great Aunt, 2nd Cousin, Cousin, and Aunt's boyfriend came and stayed overnight for Christmas Eve.  On Christmas day, my sister, brother-in-law, and two more cousins came over for dinner with the rest of us.  My sister and brother-in-law stayed a night or two at our place (they live in Texas).  When we didn't have company, I did some shopping with my Mom and Dad and went out to dinner a couple of times.  I went to lunch with a couple of my friends, and before I knew it it was time to return to Glasgow.  One suitcase weighed 62 pounds and the other 55 pounds!  I had to bring enough American stuff to last me the 6 months that I will be here.  I brought two new DVDs: Minority Report and Signs.  I brought 72 Easy Mac packs (for lunches), 3 boxes of granola bars (for breakfasts), and a huge bag of chocolate chips to make cookies with (Nestle Tollhouse cookies). 

    This week I am trying to set up my lambing experience for Spring Break.  I contacted one farm in North Yorkshire (in the East of England) that sounds promising.  Let's see... last night I went to a pub with Amy, Brian, Andy, Richard, and Nicola.  Tomorrow night I plan on going to the movies with Amy, possibly to see "Sweet Home Alabama" (I've seen it, she has not).  It's funny how all the movies playing here are way old to us back in the States.  I would also like to see the second Lord of the Rings -- perhaps this weekend sometime.  Amy and I also have plans to go dress shopping one day, to buy me a "sexy" dress for the Vet Ball (tee hee hee), which is February 15th or so. 

    Not much else is going on here.  I'm just hiding out inside to keep away from that nasty weather.  I keep the little portable heater on quite a bit, since it is sometimes warmer than our house's heating system.  Tonight I am making pork chops with apples... wish me luck! 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton