Journal Entry #9

February 24, 2003

    Today is a Monday.  We only have a couple more weeks of classes, and I just can't believe it.  We're still unsure if we'll be having a physiology exam or not, but we will be having the other 3 exams.  Only biomolecular science and animal husbandry will count though.  The annual GUVMA Vet Ball was on February 15th (a couple of weekends ago now) and it was a blast.  The food was so-so, but that's only because I don't normally like salmon or lamb (the appetizer and the entree).  Amy and I stayed at the Ball until 2:30am!  It was a good night for socialising and I even danced (one ceilidh dance and then to a band). 

    Classes are winding down.  We are finished with reproduction, amazingly!  We are now doing renal anatomy and physiology, but it's basically just this week.  Immunology just has one more lecture (about vaccination) and biotechnology only a few more.  I'm excited about next week's anatomy, as we get to learn exotic species (except birds, which I think come next term).  I've also been pretty happy with animal husbandry lately -- the lectures have been about beef cattle and small animal nutrition (both are topics I've enjoyed previously). 

    Dare I say it?  I think the weather is warming up.  Today it was in the 60s.  Warm enough to almost go without a jacket!  I got hot while walking to and from the main campus.  It hasn't rained in a while either (knock on wood).  The sun is also out today, it's beginning to feel like Spring.  What's nice about Spring around here is that there are tons of flowers (bulbs) that appear.  They are absolutely beautiful. 

    This weekend I'm having a "martini party" (more like a cocktail party) for my friends.  We'll be making cocktails of all sorts and I'm cooking fettuccine alfredo for dinner.  This past weekend we had the GUVZS symposium.  There were 9 speakers and we had a turn out of about 75 people.  It all went very well, I think. 

    I've seen a few movies at the cinema in the past weeks.  I saw: "Chicago", "Catch Me If You Can", and "The Pianist".  I enjoyed all 3 and hope to see "The Ring" this Wednesday (difficult to find people who like horror/suspense movies around here).  So you see...I've been trying to be plenty social these past weeks.  :)  My studies may be slacking a bit, but I'm not too worried.  I feel that I understand the material and I'm not way behind. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton