Journal Entry #10

June 2, 2004

    It's our last week before exams!  I don't know whether I should be excited or worried/stressed.  Obviously, there is a lot of stress at this time.  I need to learn/memorise as much as possible so that I can pass my exams.  It always makes us sound bad when we say we're just interested in passing...but really, you feel quite helpless here and not so much in control over your grades.  I have been working mostly on pathology and pharmacology the past week or so.  Since we had parasitology tutorials, I was forced to work on that too.  I also took a small look at microbiology (which is my strength).  It's the big "P"s that we're worried about: pharmacology and pathology.  They have the most information to learn.

    After the Kissin recital I last wrote about, I went to the Royal Concert Hall to see the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.  They played "Overture to the Bartered Bride", a Dvorak cello concerto, and "The Planets" by Holst.  I really enjoyed that night and the music was wonderful.  I think that will be my last trip to the concert hall this year, but I definitely plan on going back next year (especially to hear Sir James Galway play). 

    Another fun thing I did was ride my bike a LONG ways down the Forth and Clyde Canal towpath.  I finally found a way to get to the "other side" of the canal, to cycle on the north side.  I rode from Bearsden to Auchenstarrie (sp?) which is about 14 miles.  Then, I rode back!  On the way back my legs had had enough and really ached.  But I just had to make it home, as I only had a pound on me and no mobile phone.  I saw a load of beautiful scenery and felt I was actually in the country (I even saw farms with sheep and cows).  Next I will try and make a day trip of it, cycling the entire way (to the Falkirk wheel) and taking the train back.  Hopefully, Courtney will go with me (because I don't think I can convince Amy to).

    Up and coming: the third annual vet school raft race!  Courtney and I will participate in this event, and we're pretty excited about it.  I've never been able to see the race yet, as we're usually off doing EMS or taking exams.  We'll ride in our rafts (but we can't find any oars to buy) down the Kelvin River from the bridge on the Garscube Estate to somewhere by the Glasgow University Union (GUU).  I'm more interested in finding out whether it is possible to do this - the water is probably half a foot deep at many points, so our butts might touch the ground and we many not get anywhere.  After the raft race is the final fling - I think I might go to this, if only to see what it's about. I go to study again. 2004-2006 Cindy Fulton