Journal Entry #11

June 25, 2004

    It's officially the end of the term now, and officially the end of the school year!  Hurray!!  I have been bored out of my mind the last week or so.  The only fun things I have done: the Vet School 3rd annual Raft Race, the Final Fling, and a 25 mile bike ride to Falkirk.  Other than that, I've tried to entertain myself with the Internet 24/7 and my computer games & DVDs...but I've only been partially successful.

    Ok, so I passed all 4 exams!  That's something to be really thankful for.  Now I have 'no worries' over the summer.  I am definitely considered a 4th year student now - how exciting!  Next year we get to learn 'medicine and surgery' - basically everything we need to know before we are real vets.  It's scary and exciting at the same time.  I already ordered a couple textbooks so I can read them over the summer (of course the reading is more interesting before classes start).  In less than two days I will be flying down to the Isle of Man for two weeks of clinical EMS.  I can't wait to see a UK practice for the first time.

    The raft race: Courtney and I were all excited about this for the past month or so.  We had always seen the race advertised but were never in the UK (or were busy) to see the previous races.  We found rafts for seven pounds at the Pound Stretcher (sadly, now called " store").  Courtney managed, and was very lucky, to find a single pair of oars at Outdoor World - we took one oar each.  The day of the race, we inflated our rafts at home and walked from my house down to the river on Garscube Estate.  It started to hail on us, for five minutes straight...and we were wearing shorts/bathing suits/light jackets only!  What an amazing thing to happen in the summer. 

    Eventually everyone got their rafts/watercraft into the river and off we went.  The Kelvin river turned out to be more scary/dangerous than we had originally thought!  It was very very shallow in some spots, so you had to get out of the raft and walk over the rocks or scoot your butts over the rocks (risking holes in the bottom of the raft).  I didn't like walking in the river...I had brand new flip flops that kept floating off my feet and I didn't want to stand on the slimy bottom w/bare feet (being especially scared of fish hooks).  Then someone mentioned leeches!  Yikes!!  Then...Courtney took a step and fell in almost to her neck in the water!  Wow!  That was some drop off!  That scared me really bad.  I didn't want to actually go swimming in the Kelvin!  Luckily, Holly and Katherine happened to save me.  They rescued me in their raft (as mine had gone down the river some ways with Courtney).  After that, I was more careful getting out of the raft and wouldn't let go of it.  We found some really rocky and shallow areas that were a lot of work, but then there were areas that were at least five feet deep (scary)!  We had been in the river one hour and we were soaked and cold (it was raining, too).  I was scared of making it even further and getting stuck.  So we bailed out as soon as we could.  I hear that it took 4 hours for only 4 'teams' to make it to the destination (the Glasgow University Union)! 

    That's enough of my tales until I return from the Isle of Man...or maybe you won't hear from me for months... My summer plans: 1. Getting 2 wisdom teeth pulled 2. Working full time 3-4 weeks as a vet tech 3. Spending 5 days in New Orleans (Louisiana) at an avian medicine conference & expo 4. Spending 5 days in San Antonio (Texas) to meet my 5 month old nephew 5. Finally 2 more weeks of EMS in Merseyside (England). 2004 - 2006 Cindy Fulton