Journal Entry #5

January 17, 2004

     I have now survived the first week of Candlemas term of the 3rd year of vet school.  I actually survived Martinmas term, too...and am quite pleased with my exam scores (but of course those exams were only worth 7.5% of the total grade for the year).  This week has been a busy one.  Unlike last term, we started with 'real' lectures right from the get-go.  We had a pathology lecture every day except Friday, 4 virology lectures, 1 parasitology lecture, and 5 pharmacology lectures (each lecture = one hour).  Plus, a 'review of our assessment' in pathology for about an hour. 

    The weather has been terrible, as expected.  Many days it poured down rain and it even hailed (on me when I was walking to the grocery store).  Overall, everything is 'back to usual' here in Glasgow.  It's nice to see everyone again and it's actually a bit relaxing after such a busy winter break (I was working full time, and our house was painted inside/out and the holidays).  The 'big event' is coming up in a week: the Halfway Dinner.  The ticket says "Cocks and Bullocks 2 Ewes Presents the Half Way Dinner at The Buchanan Arms Hotel, Drymen (Smart Dress)".  (The class of 2006 is 'cocks and bullocks 2 ewes').  I'm looking forward to the dinner, it's supposed to be very nice (and a worthwhile celebration after all). 

    I have not decided whether or not to go to the Vet Ball this year, but I'm leaning against the idea.  A lot of people in my class will not be going.  Oh, I guess I should write about my flight here (this journal entry will not be very structured...sorry!).  I left LAX at 12:20pm on a Continental flight that stopped over in Houston.  I didn't know that it stopped in Houston, but it was a pleasant surprise (I got to stretch my feet and go to the bathroom -- I normally never get up during a flight).  Doug from the 2nd year was on my flight, so this was a nice surprise (someone to talk to during the stopovers).  From Houston we flew to Amsterdam (another first for me), and it was a pleasant flight.  I didn't sleep except maybe 15 minutes.  The food and service were excellent and I watched one movie (it was nice to have individual entertainment systems).  Amsterdam's airport was large, and I had to walk a long way to reach my gate.  It was good for my legs and circulation though, after 8.5 hours of flying (and sitting).  I flew KLM from Amsterdam to Glasgow.  My luggage arrived (thankfully) and I had no problems getting through immigration.  The weather was freezing cold, windy and rainy.  Lovely!

    I've had the adventure of visiting a British dentist this week.  Soon after I arrived in Glasgow, the gums behind my last bottom molar began to hurt and become inflamed.  The swelling even bled overnight and woke me up at odd hours.  I was really worried that it was my wisdom tooth coming in (I only have 2 and neither have erupted yet).  I finally made an appointment with a dentist because I thought the swelling was an abscess.  I took ibuprofen every 8 hours for pain, and I think it took the swelling down too.  When I finally got to the dentist, he said it was only a gum infection!  I really didn't like this dentist, didn't have a good feeling about him...he didn't even wear gloves (back home my dentists wear gloves and a mask).  No medicine was even prescribed...I was just advised to schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning!  I declined.  A day later, I called a different dentist to schedule an appointment.  I hope this one is better (the location is better at least, and there are multiple specialists there).  I need some peace of mind that my wisdom teeth are OK (I might even request an x-ray).  Can you believe I only had to pay 5.85 pounds for the first dentist's exam?  Wow! 

    I will write more in a few weeks, when more exciting things have happened (like maybe my next dentist appointment). 2004-2006 Cindy Fulton