Journal Entry #6

February 4, 2004

    It's been a fairly nice day today, with 'warm' weather (i.e. not freezing) and no rain (yet).  The problem lately has been the lectures...extremely boring (even though this stuff should be interesting).  It's all I can do sometimes not to fall asleep!  We have 3-4 lectures per day usually, and 1-3 practicals per week.  I'm lucky this week, my only practical was histopathology (yesterday).  I have been dreading histopathology lab because I am having trouble differentiating between neutrophils, lymphocytes and plasma cells.  It should theoretically be easy, but it isn't.  It leaves me feeling stupid for the rest of the day.

    This is the time of year for snow.  We were lucky and had snow one week ago (Wednesday), as a ton of it fell and accumulated on the ground during one parasitology lecture...and the lecture theatre is not heated!  Then it snowed on Saturday (but the ground was warm so it didn't pile up), and I hear there was some on Sunday (but by the time I woke up it was gone).  Since I'm from southern California, snow is a big deal to me.  This year I didn't take any pictures, thank goodness (people are beginning to think it snows here all the time because of all the snow pictures I have). 

    The Halfway Dinner on January 24th was a great success.  Everyone had a blast.  Some awards were handed out as well, for such silly reasons as "Best Dressed Professor" (Prof. Jeffcoate and Prof. Bain), "Worst Dressed Professor" (Prof. Evans), "Most Likely to Get Married" (Ali & Charlotte), "Lifetime Award" (Dr. Boyd), "Most Likely to Become  Professor" (Rupert), "Rear of the Year" (Jon), "Most Academic" (Kirsten), "Sexiest Lass" (Mhairi), "Sexiest Lad" (Sam), "Most Likely to Get Sued By A Client" (Matt), and more.  The ceilidh band was excellent, and they played 'normal music' afterwards.  You can see some of the pictures I took in the photo albums section of my web page. 

    This is week 4...we're almost halfway through the term.  Pathology is probably the biggest concern at the moment, as we feel we've had a ton of that compared to everything else (and in more detail).  We will have a 'normal' class exam in pathology this term, and we're afraid it will be tough.  Pharmacology doesn't seem too bad so far (knock on wood). 2004-2006 Cindy Fulton