Journal Entry #7

February 27, 2004

    Now we're really getting down to the nitty-gritty of the term!  Next week is the last 'true' week of lectures, with exams beginning March 10th (a Wednesday).  The worst is that we still have pathology lectures until the very last week.  We even have a pathology lecture on the day of our virology practical exam!  Everyone is worried at this point.  "I don't know anything about viruses"..."Oh those darn cardiology drugs!...and the antimicrobials!"..."Respiratory pathology...ugh!"  -- that's what I feel like right now!

    The weather has been nice this past week.  Sunny and crisply cold.  We even had some snow flurries the other day, which I really appreciate.  I've been inside though, studying and procrastinating online as usual.  Except last Saturday, when we had the GUVZS Symposium.  The symposium was excellent, IMO, and I enjoyed the talks.  We learned about small mammal diagnostic imaging, fish diagnostics, zoo animal diagnostics, haematology of exotics, squamate diagnostics, chelonian diagnostics, and avian diagnostics.   The food was good - a selection of filled baguettes for lunch, and a 'finger food' buffet for dinner.  I bought 10 raffle tickets for 1 each.  I was worried that this was a bit excessive, but I ended up winning what I really wanted: the BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish (worth 48 with a student discount)!  I also won a picture frame and a bottle of probiotics (I guess I'll give those to my 13 year old dog, Barbi). 

    I also bought my first house plant at IKEA the other night.  It's some sort of succulent, similar to a jade plant.  I need to look it up to see what species it is.  I'm pretty happy about my little plant.  :)  Let's see...what else to say?  I bought a sheepskin rug at IKEA too...and I've wanted one for a long time now (at least since June).  It's nice and soft on bare feet in the morning (I put it next to my bed). 

    In just about 22 days I will be flying home.  I expect the weather to be perfectly sunny and warm, like in the 80s.  My luck, it will rain a lot and be in the 50s.  Courtney and I are doing equine EMS together during the first two weeks of the break.  We are urged to stay overnight several times to see emergencies.  The next two weeks of my break will be spent relaxing, studying, caring for my pets (like cleaning my aquariums and bathing the cats and dog), and possibly traveling somewhere (Las Vegas? Joshua Tree? Yosemite...too cold!).

    I have my EMS planned for September now.  It's a 24 hour small animal practice in Merseyside (near Liverpool, in northwest England).  I will be there starting September 6th for two weeks.  Hopefully I will not have to return to the UK much earlier...I would hate to have to re-sit my exams. 

    Oh!  Another thing to say.  We just received our pharmacology project topics and groups.  We're in groups of 6 and my group (5)'s topic is 'Post-operative analgesia begins pre-operatively.'  Everyone got one of their top 3 choices of topics, if they submitted a list of favourites.  This topic was my number 3 choice, but I am quite happy with it (until I start doing research LOL).  Each member of the group must write a 2000 word 'review of the literature' paper.  The introduction and possibly the conclusion will be common to the group.  This is what I will be doing the next few weeks, besides studying for exams and going to tutorials (and those darn pathology lectures that put me to sleep!). 2004-2006 Cindy Fulton