Journal Entry #9

May 2, 2004

    It's Sunday but it feels more like a Saturday.  My days feel awkward because this term we have Fridays off (3 day weekends all term long).  We have had two weeks of lectures so far, and it's been extremely boring.  I think my most "enjoyed" of the lectures include the central nervous system pathology series.  All of the microbiology lectures so far have been very "common sense" and I haven't really learned anything from them, except the bit on epidemiology. 

    Yesterday Courtney, Amy and I took a car trip up to the Isle of Skye.  Amy drove the rental car (a Renault) and it took 4 hours to reach the bridge at the Kyle of Lochalsh.  Another hour brought us to Portree, the main (but still very tiny) town on Skye.  We then took a single track road to the south west of Skye and ended up at Dunvegan castle and its gardens.  We walked around inside the castle and out, taking pictures and exploring.  Next we took another single track road (dodging ewes and lambs) to Skyeskyns, a lambskin shop.  I bought a beautiful Cappuccino skin, Amy bought a skin for her dog, and Courtney bought a tiny one for her cockatoo.  We finally drove back to Glasgow, stopping for pictures of Eilean Donan castle and dinner at Fort William.  It was a very long day and we were exhausted by the time we got home around midnight. 

    Last week I finally got my bike fixed.  Remember, its pedal fell off while I was cycling to my pharmacology exam first term?  Now that the weather has improved (sometimes we don't even need the heat to be on inside), and it's light longer (sunset is around 8:30pm currently), I want to go cycling more.  Hopefully I will make the time for it, because soon I will be starting on my revision of the entire year.  Today I hauled out the entire collection of flashcards, and put them in order per subject.  Pharmacology has the most cards, followed by pathology, microbiology and parasitology.  It's scary that we have to know all that, plus this term's material. 

    The upcoming school week is only 3 days long!  Monday is a bank holiday, and Friday we have off.  So this week we will begin public health, continue with the central nervous system pathology, and learn about mites.  In pharmacology, we will hear about ectoparasiticides (snore!).  Tuesday, GUVZS is having a lecture from Debra Bourne about penguins (should be interesting), and Thursday evening I will attend the recital of Evgeny Kissin, a young Russian pianist (he will be playing Chopin, one of my favourite composers).  Here's to an exciting week! 2004-2006, Cindy Fulton