Journal Entry #2

October 2, 2004

    I survived my first week of the fourth year.  Everything they say about it is true: you start with real lectures, right away.  None of the BS "this is what you will learn this year" stuff...just hopping right into it.  Tuesday we had lectures on surgical principles, intro to communication skills, and intro to meat hygiene.  Wednesday we had three hours about diarrhoea in calves.  Thursday we had three hours about diarrhoea in adult cattle.  Friday we had lectures on suture patterns & materials, pre-medication, and induction agents (small animal).  This upcoming week, we will have even more lectures!  Yikes.  Plus, we'll be adding in small group sessions for clinical skills and our "collaborative learning project."  This week I also learned that my class (4th year) is down to 80 students!  That means we lost about 16 over the summer.  This is amazing, considering that we started with 105 in first year.

    I have been to a couple "meet and greets" lately, and have met some of the new first year students.  I also have been to a couple of concerts at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.  Last weekend I went to "Classic Bites" with Amy, Tara and Tara's mom.  Tonight I went alone to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra play Wagner, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky.  I hope to continue enjoying concerts throughout the year, and will hopefully go more often than I did last year.  I also just discovered concessions tickets - cheaper tickets, with possibly better seating! 

    My grandma is dying, but I must stay here.  It's really sad to talk to her on the phone, knowing I probably won't see her alive again.  They say that when you're here in vet school, it's in fact very likely that a loved one will die - just due to the amount of time we are here.  If my grandma dies, I doubt I will be able to attend her funeral. 

    The weather has been just so typical of Glasgow lately - rain and more rain.  Downpours and dark gray skies.  Today my "new" umbrella broke, so I bought a more expensive one.  But that will break in time as well - the wind here is what does them in, twisting them up and bending them backwards.  It is beginning to feel like fall/autumn - the leaves are turning colours and falling, and the air is getting colder.  It's about time to bring out the thicker/warmer jackets, gloves, scarves and hats. 

    EMS, EMS, EMS!  EMS is a horrible fact of life here.  At least so far it's been pretty horrible.  (EMS = Extramural studies).  But I am getting more excited about EMS this year, because things are going my way.  I have now planned 7 total weeks of EMS, and need only 3 more to plan (which shouldn't be too bad).  I will be going to the Royal Veterinary College's equine referral hospital from December 20th until January 2nd (at least I'll have something to do for the holidays), located just north of London (which is in the very south of England).  I will be going to the USA for spring break, doing 4 weeks of EMS at a 100% avian (bird) hospital near home - very exciting!  My final plans are to go on a one week RAVS ( Rural Area Veterinary Services) trip to the Zuni Indian reservations in New Mexico - also, extremely exciting (as I will probably get a lot of spay/neuter experience there). 

    Over and out...more fun journal entries to follow!  I'm sure I will have plenty to write about, seeing how my days will be chalk full of lectures and practicals. 2004-2006 Cinthia Fulton