Journal Entry #4

November 7, 2004

    I've been very busy the past couple of weeks.  Time sure is flying!  For Halloween I went to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and saw a Requiem by Verdi - it was very beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the night.  I can't wait to attend another requiem later this month.  This week we have had lectures on bovine fertility and reproductive problems.  It has been more interesting than I had expected.  Only two more weeks of bovine medicine!  Then we'll be moving on to sheep for a short while.  In companion animal medicine, we learned about equine Cushing's disease, basic neurology (testing reflexes to determine locations of lesions), insulinomas, parathyroid disease, hypothyroidism (dogs), and hyperthyroidism (cats). 

    I had two companion animal practical classes this week.  On Monday I learned about gait analysis in the dog (and cat).  The session involved watching a long boring video about normal and abnormal gaits.  Then on Thursday I had a very very long session about conducting equine nerve blocks.  We first watched a video about the various nerve blocks, then we had to try to do these blocks ourselves by injecting blue dye and contrast medium into a dead horse's leg!  Finally, we had radiographs taken of the leg and dissected it to see if we hit the right areas.  I don't feel confident in my abilities at all to do the same thing on a live horse's leg!  Yikes. 

    We had two clinicopathology sessions and one grand rounds this week.  Monday's clinicopathology session presented two avian cases: Pacheco's disease in an Amazon parrot and canary pox in an Australian parakeet (splendid parakeet I think).  We were also shown the remains of a burned cat and a cat which had fallen from a 7 story building.  :(  Friday's session presented a rare case of malignant histiocytosis in a cat (a tumour that in this case had caused respiratory obstruction near the thoracic inlet).  That same day, we had grand rounds where three cases were presented.  The first was aspergillosis in a dog's nasal passages, the next was an anaesthesia case on a dog undergoing eye surgery, and the last was a very rare case of "intestinal fibrosis with pseudo-obstruction" in a dog. 

    This week I have been trying to go to the gym...but haven't had much luck.  However, I did finally make it today.  I will try to be better this week (aiming for Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday).  I also finally took my bike out and have enjoyed riding it the short distance to the gym.  Tuesday night I went to a GUVZS meeting about "wildlife and the law".  Wednesday I went on a field trip with GUVZS to the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary near Oban (2.5-3 hours northwest by car).  We only had a few hours there before it got dark on us (it's getting dark around 4:30pm now).  See the photos - they came out pretty good.  I really enjoyed using my new digital camera. 2004-2006, Cindy Fulton