Journal Entry #5

December 12, 2004

    Sorry I haven't written in a while.  Time has just flown by this term!  We are now done with lectures on sheep and cattle, and have moved onto poultry.  We're also on a long stretch of boring (very boring) lectures on lameness in horses and small animals.  In the past couple of weeks we have had practicals on: neurology (reflexes), radiographic interpretation, clinical exams of sheep, and public health.  Tomorrow I finally get to have the communication skills practical!  It's supposed to be excellent. 

    Last Wednesday night we had a class Christmas dinner at DiMaggio's restaurant in city centre.  It was so loud inside (from people talking) that I was miserable - I felt like a true deaf person.  The food was good, but small portions as usual for this country.  I received a very nice kitten mug from my secret Santa, and it had yummy gold coin chocolates inside.  Some of the secret Santa gifts were gag gifts and made us all laugh (and the spending limit was 3 pounds).  There were crackers on the table with silly riddles and paper crowns inside, and poppers.  I had my first taste of "Christmas pudding".  I would say it's like fruitcake, tasting sort of like mince pies and served warm with cream. 

    This past month has been filled with our CLA project group work!  I have spent many hours editing my group's CLA paper, and meeting with my group often more than once weekly.  The paper was due on Friday and I'm happy it's done!  Next, we have to give a presentation on this upcoming Friday (last day of term).  Suzanne and I will likely do the presenting for our group.  Friday should be nice, true lectures. 

    Sunday (exactly one week) I will be leaving for the Royal Veterinary College in London.  I arrive sometime in the evening and will get to see what my "student accommodation" is like.  I will be bringing my computer for entertainment (and to write my EMS journal on), also my digital camera and a good book or two.  I must also bring cooking utensils...and I have no clue how I'll fit it all into one large suitcase.  Three other students from my class will be there as well, and I will probably meet 4 others from other schools.  I wouldn't say I'm really looking forward to it, as my past EMS experiences haven't been great.

    Amy and I now have two trips to Europe planned for January.  From the 6th-9th we will be staying in Stockholm, Sweden.  I saw cheap tickets with Ryan Air and thought "that sounds interesting!"  But I'm actually not sure what to do in Stockholm.  There are shops and restaurants, the usual things you find in a city...and the city is probably picturesque.  I definitely want to go to the Ice Bar (more like an igloo) to have some Absolut cocktails.  We'll be staying in a hostel that was once a prison!  I'm hoping to get some good photos taken during the entire trip.  Then towards the end of January, Amy and I will be going to Paris (where there's plenty to do). 

    We have been assigned to clinical groups for next year - hurray!  I'm so happy to have an idea of my schedule for the summer and my last year.  What I now know: I will be doing the equine track, with two 4-week blocks spent at the Weipers centre.  The first of those blocks will start September 12th, and the second will start in April.  School officially starts for us (5th years) in mid-October.  I will have small animal rotations most of the year, but four weeks of public health, reproduction and law lectures and two weeks of farm animal medicine.  This summer I will also be doing two weeks of small animal hospital duty, one week of EMS at an abattoir, one week of EMS in New Mexico (spaying and neutering), and probably 3-4 weeks of EMS at some university in the USA. 2004-2006 Cinthia Fulton