Journal Entry #9

April 20, 2005

    It has been a busy five weeks since I last wrote in my journal.  On March 19th I flew home to southern California, and the very next day I went to my EMS placement at a companion bird practice to get orientated.  I officially started there for my externship (EMS) on the 21st and was there 6-7 days each week.  It was a 30-45 minute drive, so my parents rented me a car that got good mileage.  I had a great time at the bird clinic!  I learned so much and saw such a variety of cases.  Cool things that I saw are portrayed in my photo album (see the main page under photo albums).  I saw a neurology case, an ophthalmology case, several medicine cases, and even oncology with radiation therapy. 

    Species I saw: Amazons (many yellow napes, a double yellow head, lilac crown, red lored, and a Mexican red head), macaws (Hahn's, yellow collared, blue and gold, harlequins (hybrid), and even a Buffon's), conures (green, sun, green cheeked, maroon bellied, blue crowned, nanday, white eyed, grey cheeked parakeet), cockatoos (umbrella, Moluccan, bare eyed, Goffin's, galah, lesser sulphur crested), budgies, canaries, finches (gouldian and zebra), cockatiels, lories (red and chattering), Eclectus, African parrots (Congo greys, Timneh greys, Senegals, black masked lovebirds, peach faced lovebirds), parrotlets, a black-headed caique, and a blue-headed pionus.

    I flew back here to Glasgow just last Saturday (arriving on Sunday).  Today we had our "OSCE" exams (Objective Structured Clinical Exams) - the real thing!  Most everyone I have spoken to hated today's OSCEs.  We thought these exams would be much simpler than what we got!  We had ten stations, 5 minutes to spend at each.  These areas were covered: radiology (quality), cytology, anaesthesia, history taking, ophthalmology (which we haven't even had lectures on yet!!!!), equine dentistry, communication skills, equine nerve blocks, and neurology (reflexes).  Most of us are now just hoping (and praying) that we somehow got enough points to pass!  If not, we will have to re-sit the OSCEs sometime in June.  Particularly hard topics for me were ophthalmology, anaesthesia, and neurology. 

    In just a couple days I will be flying out of here, going far, far away to Arles, France.  This will be my first trip to a foreign country ALONE (besides coming here by myself, but this is my 'home').  Scary!  I am most worried about the language because I cannot pronounce French words very seems nothing like Spanish or English.  The reason for the trip is to attend the European Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV) conference - to learn more about birds (YES)!  Hopefully I will come back with more pretty pictures for this web site.  Keep an eye out for them.  When I come back in just over a week, I will have to do some serious (I mean serious) studying. 2005-2006 C. Fulton