How to Become a Veterinarian

Links compiled by Cindy Fulton

Knowing that I will run across many individuals aspiring to be veterinarians, I have compiled this list of helpful websites.  There is no point in me making a new web page about how to become a vet when there are multiple sites of the same topic available already.

1.  American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges:  Here you can find the veterinary school applications service (VMCAS) and information about how to get accepted into veterinary school. 

2.  Veterinary Education: This is a fantastic compilation of world-wide veterinary schools.  It provides links to each school's website, where you could obtain specific admission information if motivated to do so.

3.  Pre-Vet and Career Forum:  Pre-vet requirements have been discussed hundreds of times, so be sure to use the search tool to read older threads.  Many pre-vet, veterinary technician, and vet students come here to talk about all sorts of topics related to the veterinary career. 

4.  Student Doctor Network Veterinary Forum: Enter the veterinary forum to seek advice, share your application worries and experiences, etc.  Similar to the pre-vet and career forum. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton