Updated notes

on my life


    Today I signed the contract for a new job.  This past year has gone by so fast.  Like the blink of an eye.  I have learned so much and have grown so much as a veterinarian.  I still have a long way to go, as you never stop learning in this profession.  But I am so happy for having done an internship - I have been so lucky to have such wonderful mentors throughout (who have been SO patient and strong for us all).  My new job is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It's a lovely place, from what I can tell.  I spent a weekend there in May.  My birthday, in fact, was spent there.  I managed to choose New Hampshire as a state to live in because I had heard wonderful things about it on VIN and I knew someone from VIN who was interested in me as a future employee.  That particular placement did not work out, however.  I visited it in April and it was not the right place for me.  I had been looking around online to see what else was available in the state and came across this other hospital that sounded good.  It's a 4 doctor practice (I'll be the 4th, that is) and they all see exotics.  The medical director has a special interest in exotics.  There's even an exotics-only exam room.  When I visited, everything was as I liked it.  Good quality medicine, good people, and a beautiful city to live and work in.  I do look forward to living in the snow.  It's been an experience I have always wanted.  Living in California all my life, I have never been lucky enough to experience it.  In Glasgow, at least we had a couple days of snow each year.  It was always exciting and I took pictures of it each and every year (snow looks like snow no matter what year it is, hehe).  Another exciting thing about Portsmouth is that it's close to Boston, MA.  I can go see the Boston Pops!  Or many other attractions that I have yet to discover.  Oh, how I used to like to go to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to hear live classical music.  Now maybe I can do the same thing in the USA. 

    The last day of the internship is June 30th.  I work until midnight.  My parents are flying here to Sacramento on the 1st.  We'll load up the truck (Penske) and drive away the next day, July 2nd.  I can't wait!  A drive across the USA, about 3100 miles.  With 2 cats and a bird. 

    Other news is that the promised "new hospital" building has finally opened.  I get a whole 9 days there, and even less now that I had to fill in a couple nights for people who were sick/injured.  But it is not the same as our SAMG.  A different group of people work there who are not familiar with our internship and its stringent daily rounds (which, to me, is the backbone of the entire internship).  I think that with time, it can become as great as our SAMG internship.  But I won't be there to see it.   

    The intern project is due in about 1.5 weeks.  I really need to work on it.  I am such a procrastinator!!! 

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