Journal Entry #10

January 05, 2002

    I am sorry for not having written more journal entries for December 2001.  The problem was that all my studying and the stress of exams snowballed in December -- also, I was at home in California USA for most of the month.  December was a chilly month here in Glasgow.  The week of exams (December 11th etc.) was freezing!  I have some pretty good "real" photos of this, but I happened to leave them at home without scanning them in.  Exams went smoothly and were not as difficult as expected, but we all still worry about our grades (not yet posted!).  The first exam was on the 11th of December and was Animal Husbandry.  The second exam was on the 12th of December and was Biomolecular Sciences.

    I greatly enjoyed my stay at home.  I'm sad to have left my family and pets again.  My whole family took me to the airport to say goodbye, so it was especially sad and difficult to leave.  What did I do during my break?  I was a couch potato and I watched TV all day!  Well, I actually got out of the house to do a ton of shopping (I spent quite a bit, oops) for things needed here in Glasgow.  Now that I'm back in Glasgow, I realize that I really don't have much room for all the things I bought and obtained!  Oops.  Back at home I also enjoyed the holidays with my family.  It was wonderful.

    My long flight was yesterday (and the day before?).  I left home on January 3rd at 5pm for the 9:05pm flight to London.  I arrived in London at 3:30pm (GMT) and finally in Glasgow at 6:40pm (January 4th).  I was exhausted!  So far, I've had a good night's sleep and then a Wolfson Hall breakfast.  It's chilly outside, and there is ice in some places (not nearly as much as there was during exam week, though).  I'm getting settled into my room again.  I bought some new posters that I will put up later today.  I should also start studying (Anatomy exam is February 1st!), but I may just take the day off for relaxation.

    Classes start up again on Monday, January 7th 2002.  Bright an early at 9am on the main campus!  So far, it's just James and I who are here at Wolfson (well, others too whom I don't know).  Tomorrow we expect to see Rebecca, Michelle, and others moving back in.  How do I feel about being back in Glasgow?  Well, I'm happier than I thought I would be.  It's all very familiar territory now.  I'm used to the climate and the general environment/culture.  It's certainly not my real "home", but I am OK living here.  Once I get back into the swing of things and counting down the days until the next break I will be even better.  :) 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton