Journal Entry #11


    Yet another good day here in Glasgow.  I went to bed early last night so I was able to wake up at 7:30am and not be sleepy.  I went down to breakfast and had my favourite: bacon!  Also yogurt and juice.  Afterwards, I played on my computer for a bit.  Then I finally sat down to study.  Yuck. 

    From 10am until 4pm I studied histology.  I went through all the material and am proud of myself for actually studying.  :)  I'm studying for the anatomy exam that is on Friday, February 1st.  That's only a couple of weeks away.  I got through embryology the other day, histology today, and will continue studying later this week.  I have the vertebral column, body wall, and neuro-anatomy left to study. 

    There were no classes today, obviously.  At 4:30pm Rebecca, Quynh and I went to the gym.  We got back just in time for dinner.  We went down at 6pm and dinner was surprisingly good: chili (with chunks of roast beef in it), some caramel pie, and yogurt.  Now it's after dinner and I'm sitting down to write this.  (I figured another journal entry was overdue). 

    The topics we've been "learning" about lately are: equine management; welfare, legislation and transport; genetics; neurophysiology; companion animals; and housing/environment.  The topics are not as boring this time around, so I'm happy.  Tomorrow we get lectures about neurophysiology, genetics, and lipids. 

    Tonight I expect not to study (since I've been studying all day and accomplished my goal).  Instead I might watch a DVD, play a computer game or two, continue reading Don Quixote, or something else relaxing. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton