Journal Entry #12


    This is going to be one long journal entry...I'm warning you now.  This past weekend was quite an experience!  This one entry will have to cover it all.  Thursday I read Friday's weather forecast online.  It called for "heavy snow" -- I have always wanted to experience the snow in real life (i.e. actually LIVE in it).  But the forecast has called for snow in the past and it has NEVER HAPPENED.  I really didn't believe it this time.  Last Wednesday it rained all day but was not freezing cold.  Thursday it was really freezing, but not as bad as I've seen, with not a speck of rain.  So I really couldn't believe that it was going to snow on Friday.  However, I did happen to get my hopes up anyway (somehow).

    I woke up on Friday morning and quickly looked out the window.  It was dark at 7:45am and I couldn't see well, but it didn't look like snow to me.  "Darn" I thought, "the meteorologists are always wrong."  So I ate breakfast as usual and then went back upstairs to brush my teeth.  I looked out the window.  The sun had come up but it still didn't reveal any snow.  Perhaps a tiny amount of ice, that's all.  I got ready to go outside -- we had to walk to the vet school.  I put on my jacket and gloves.  I packed an umbrella just in case (you always pack an umbrella in Scotland).  Then I walked downstairs and outside with Rebecca.  A few feet away we noticed SNOW!!!  There were tiny flakes floating all around us.  I was ecstatic.  Rebecca said "this is cool" several times and we both agreed that it would just melt as it hit the ground.  But it didn' could see snow flakes on the ground along the way.  The snow just kept coming and by the time we reached the pre-clinical building the flakes had become HUGE.  There was snow in our hair, on our jackets, on our backpacks.  We really just wanted to stay outside and play in the snow. 

    Fridays are anatomy days, so we had to quickly be seated in our lecture theatre for the "locomotion" lecture.  We learned about the muscles of the forelimb.  We were also told that we would be dissecting all day.  How disappointing!  I just wanted to play in the snow!!  After the hour-long lecture we emerged from the theatre and saw that the snow had piled up!  There was a snow covering on the grass hill, the trees, the pavement/road, everywhere!  How exciting.  It really is exciting for the southern Californians and the Floridians.  I walked downhill, having to be extra careful not to slip, to the locker room.  I took out my white lab coat, dissection kit, and gloves.  Then I made my way to the computer centre for a little while...I just had to e-mail my parents to tell them about the snow <g>.  Finally I made my way back to the gross anatomy lab, where I took off my snow-covered jacket and replaced it with my lab coat. 

    For 2 whole hours we dissected a dog.  I suppose I should not tell you the nitty-gritty details -- even my parents didn't want to hear about it.  All the while I kept looking outside (there were windows way up high in the lab) and saw tons of snow falling.  Right when we were cleaning up for lunch I noticed that the snow had stopped. :(  It never snowed after that.  But I walked through the snow-covered vet school and even saw a huge snowman someone had made.  It had an orange road cone as a cap and 2 branches (with leaves) as arms.  The snow was getting slushy and dark on the road area where people walked and vehicles drove.  I ate lunch in the refectory and made it back to the lecture theatre for another locomotion lecture.  Then we had a final gross anatomy lab practical that lasted 2 more hours.  It was a long day and it was dark by the time I got back to Wolfson.  I was so angry with myself for not having grabbed the camera on the way out.  :(  So I didn't get any good snow pictures.  The snow melted overnight. 

    After a quick stop at Wolfson, we (Rebecca, Courtney, and I) walked for 20 minutes to reach the nearest ASDA (a grocery store owned by Wal-Mart).  We had a card game planned for that night so we needed booze and snacks.  The slush we had to walk through was ankle deep and terribly wet!  Plus, it was raining pretty good.  Being in a hurry made it even worse.  Thank goodness I had these "L.L. Bean Snow Boots" that kept my feet warm and practically dry.  Eventually we made our way back to our respective homes.  Rebecca and I barely made it back in time for dinner.  After dinner we relaxed and dried our clothing.  We left around 8pm to go to Courtney's for our Hearts game.  We were supposed to meet Gina at the corner of Maryhill and Courtney's street, so we waited there for a while.  Due to boredom, we decided to build a snowman.  We rolled huge balls of snow and found soda bottle tops for the eyes and nose, with twigs for arms and the mouth.  Soda can tabs were used for the buttons on the thorax.  It was quite fun!  Eventually Courtney had to come get us and tell us that Gina would not be coming.  :(  Rebecca and I taught Courtney how to play Hearts.  We had a good game and also watched TV.  It was a great night. 

    Saturday morning I slept in.  I woke up and saw that the snow was all gone.  Very sad.  Brunch was not very good -- yucky pasta.  Then I found that my internet connection was not working.  It was a network problem, obviously.  What was worse was the fact that it was a weekend.  The university computer help centre is not open on weekends.  So I had to live with no Internet all day!  My worst nightmare!!  It FORCED me to study.  How terrible!!  I studied embryology all day.  That night was the Burns Supper.  Burns Night was Friday night, but the Supper at Wolfson was on Saturday (so that everyone could participate).  For all you Americans, Burns Night is a celebration of "Robert Burns" -- the Scottish bard (poet).  He was the first famous Scottish poet (as opposed to English) and therefore he is celebrated.  Everyone gets together on Burns Night and eats haggis and wears kilts (well, men do). 

    I wore a short black dress to the Burns Supper.  I soon found that not everyone dressed up!  However, many people did so I didn't feel so out of place.  First there was a big ceremony about haggis.  They had a bagpiper followed by a platter of haggis.  It was quite humorous.  The appetizer was haggis.  I actually ate it!  Most of it, at least.  It tasted like spicy meatloaf.  The texture was a little odd, but I tried not to think about what was actually in it.  The main entree was steak pie (I didn't like it) with vegetables.  I also had a glass of white wine.  Others had red wine.  Dessert was strawberry shortcake (I didn't like it either).  Afterwards you could buy 2 drinks for 10 pence each (good deal).  I bought my 2 drinks and soon drank them.  They sure made me sleepy.  James also gave up his drink coupons because he wasn't feeling well, so I had another drink...that made me a bit tipsy and even more sleepy.  I checked out the ceilidh.  The band was larger than last time with 5 violins, 1 flute, 1 guitar, 1 base, and something else I couldn't see.  But it was quite whiny and not so great.  Not many people were dancing (a sure sign that the band was no good).  So I went back up to my room, talked to my parents on the phone, and went to sleep. 

    The next morning (Sunday) the network was still not fixed!  I was so angry and frustrated.  It forced me to study embryology all day again.  I also went to the gym for an hour.  Brunch and dinner were both good, amazingly.  By the time I went to bed at 11:30pm, I could hear that the wind had picked up.  It was whistling and jarring the window a bit.  Of course I wasn't tired, so I lay in bed trying to sleep for several hours.  I heard hail on the window and more wind.  I would doze in and out of sleep every other hour or so and I had a horrible night.  I kept waking up to the window shaking from the wind. 

    Today is Monday and it was windy from the moment I awoke.  Our walk to school was gusty, with us fighting the wind as we walked.  There were just a few raindrops, no big deal...UNTIL... after our locomotion lecture.  We began our walk back up Byres Road and the wind and POURING DOWN RAIN nearly blew us over and soaked us.  My umbrella is practically dead, having been blown backwards more than twice today.  Rebecca and I eventually took shelter in McDonalds and then took the bus home (good excuse, eh?  Gale force winds!).  Now as I sit here, the wind is practically blowing my window in!!  I noticed a branch blowing off a huge tree.  I'm also watching light poles over the hockey pitches swaying back and forth.  I sure am not looking forward to going outside again!  But I must... animal husbandry lecture is in an hour.   What a weather experience!!  Yes, I am enjoying myself here in Glasgow.  I sure hope it snows again! 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton