Journal Entry #13


    I woke up at 10am this morning and got dressed and ready for my big trip to Edinburgh.  At 11:40am I walked downstairs and met with the group in the lobby.  We left around 11:45am by foot to catch the 40 bus on Maryhill Road.  The 40 bus took us into the city centre and we walked to the Queen Street train station.  After buying round-trip tickets to Edinburgh I had about half an hour to eat something.  I bought a burger and a soda from the Burger King and quickly consumed them (yum).  We caught the 1pm train to Edinburgh.  It was a beautiful day: the sun was out in places and it had stopped raining in Glasgow.  The train ride offered spectacular views of green hills and pastures.

    Upon arrival in Edinburgh at 2pm, our group of about 10 people walked for about 10 minutes to reach the "Edinburgh Playhouse".  We were going to see "Riverdance".  Rachel (who had arranged the trip) went to get our tickets while we waited outside.  There was a huge mob of people queuing outside the playhouse and signs said "Afternoon performance is Sold Out".  Tickets finally in hand, we merged with the mob and entered the building.  We had balcony seats, rows L and M.  That was way up there!  The view was still very good.  The seats were quite tiny and I felt sorry for the taller individuals in our group. 

    The performance was from 2:30pm until just before 5pm with a 20 minute intermission.  It was WONDERFUL.  I highly recommend people to see "Riverdance".  I was not bored during the entire performance and was in awe multiple times.  There were singing, dancing, and instrumental solos.  The lighting was well done and as a whole the show was highly entertaining. 

    Afterwards we walked to Princes Street and looked for some place to eat.  We eventually settled on Pizza Hut.  Each of us had an individual pizza and a soda and were satisfied with this tasty meal.  Quynh, Murray and I then split up from the group and took the train from Waverly Station back to Glasgow.  I got back into my room around 8:15pm.  It has been a thoroughly entertaining day and I'm very glad I decided to go see "Riverdance" with the Wolfson Hall group.  Now I'm going to play on my computer some more and will "start my studies tomorrow" (really!) -- for the 4 exams coming up in March. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton