Journal Entry #14


    The Vet Ball was the event of the day.  The morning ran as usual, with me sleeping in due to Friday night fun.  At 4:50pm or so I began to get ready for the Ball.  I was all ready by 5:45pm.  Rebecca was also going to the Ball and we planned on having a taxi pick us up at 6pm.  After we were both ready, we took the digital photos that you can now see under "Here and There".  We could not find anyone to take a picture of us both, so we appear individually. 

    We caught our taxi around 6:05pm.  The taxi took us to Courtney's house, where Courtney and Eddie boarded the taxi along with us.  We then were taken to the "Grand Ballroom" of the Thistle Hotel on Cambridge Street in Glasgow's city centre.  There were already many people there and everyone was dressed up!  (It's a black tie event).  The majority of men had hired kilts and the rest wore tuxedos.  Many of their girls had their hair done at a salon.  There were a variety of dress styles and colours.  I was just excited to see the kilts.  I just love men in kilts.  :)  The guys had the full kilt outfit: a kilt, black coat with silver buttons, knee high socks, lace-up shoes, a dagger for the sock, a pin for the kilt, etc.  Initially we were only allowed to be in the lounge area, where a couple of bars were open.  There was a professional photographer so I had my picture taken with Courtney and Rebecca.  I should be able to get those scanned in when I go home for Spring Break (not too far away, 27 days!). 

    The drinks were expensive (3 for a beer!) and I didn't really want any (due to my drinking the night before).  I walked around with the girls and Eddie, but it soon became so crowded that you couldn't move.  I had brought a disposable camera and caught a few pictures throughout the night (making sure to get a couple of kilt pictures).  At 7:15pm or so, the ballroom opened.  We all took a seat at the tables.  The entire event was attended by over 600 people!!  That's around 500 vet students and their guests/dates.  It's the largest formal event I have ever been to.  The ballroom was beautiful.  The tables had white tablecloths and the full setup (3 forks, 2-3 knives, etc.).  The centre piece was a flower arrangement with a candleholder (2 lit candles) and 5 blue and white (Scottish colours) balloons tied to a weight.  There was an ice bucket with wine bottles in it.  Each table seated 12 people and there were 52 tables. 

    The appetizer was "Chilled Slices of Scottish Salmon, served with Lemon dressing on a bed of Rocket salad."  There was also a wheat roll topped with sunflower seeds.  Red or white wine was the beverage (I had white chardonnay).  Next came "Cream of Celery Soup".  As we ate, the entertainment was a string quartet and about 3 jugglers (juggling balls and bowling pins).  Then the main entree entered the room, quite ceremonial.  It was carried on platters and surrounded by 2 bagpipers and 1 drummer.  The musicians played throughout the serving and eating of the main entree: "Roast Ribeye of Beef with a Creamy Brandy and Peppercorn Sauce.  Chef's selection of Potatoes and Vegetables."  It was delicious!  Then the pipers left and the jugglers and string quartet resumed.  Dessert was "Chocolate Truffle Garnished with Strawberry, Cream, and a Chocolate Flake."  Shortly after, "Coffee and Fudge" were served.  The jugglers finished with an exciting display of fire juggling. 

    The dancing started with a fantastic ceilidh band.  The dance floor seemed so small compared to the number of dancers!  I would say that the ceilidh dancing lasted for about 2 to 2.5 hours, until around 10:45pm.  I did go out and dance once.  I got stepped on twice and bumped into numerous times, but it was quite fun.  Instructions were given by a caller prior to each dance.  We left around 11:45pm and arrived home at 12:15pm (we stopped at Courtney's place to drop her and Eddie off).  I hadn't danced much because I didn't have a dance partner.  Before we left, the ceilidh band had left and a "rock/disco" band had arrived.  It was quite funny that the first song was "Sweet Home Alabama". 

    In all, the Vet Ball was exciting and well worth the 30 ticket.  I will probably go to next year's Vet Ball, hopefully I'll have a date (it would be much better with someone to dance with, especially if they wore a kilt <g>). 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton