Journal Entry #17


    This is the 2nd full day since I have been back from Spring Break.  What did I do during Spring Break?  Well, for the first two weeks I helped at the sheep and swine units at Cal Poly Pomona, my undergraduate university (I am now an alumna).  Courtney and I both did our "extramural studies" there, or at least part of them.  I learned how to: process piglets (cut teeth, give iron, give antibiotic, cut tails, weigh, ear notch), castrate piglets, give intramuscular injections to pigs, help farrow (deliver piglets), herd pigs, flush sows, wean piglets, herd sheep, process lambs (ear notch, weigh, treat umbilical cord, ear tag, start them suckling), halter break sheep, throw a fleece, roll a fleece, vaccinate and worm sheep, check ewes' udders, work sheep through a chute, trim sheep hooves, deal with testicular hernias of piglets, and probably more.

     The weather in Glasgow is now very nice -- you can even see the sun most days!  No rain yet (knock on wood).  It also doesn't get completely dark until 8:30pm.  I think the temperatures (highs) are in the 50s and 60s (Fahrenheit).  So far I haven't had any true lectures.  Tuesday I had a group meeting and a blood practical.  Today I had an equine ageing practical.  That was fun and we practiced ageing using real horses' teeth (from skulls) as well as a live pony.  Tomorrow we have 3 lectures: temperature regulation, nutrition, and signalling.  We should have the day off after 12pm, yahoo! 

    My room is a war-zone because I haven't quite finished organising it after unpacking.  We had to totally pack up everything in our rooms and place them into a store-room across the hallway.  This was a big pain!  I am not looking forward to having to do this again for Summer Break (just 6-7 weeks away). 

    There hasn't been time for much else to happen.  I will write again in a week or two. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton