Journal Entry #18


    Today was quite a nice day.  I walked to the main campus this morning with Rebecca and Courtney.  The weather was not overly cold and it did not rain on us, so I was happy.  This is the 4th day in a row where I have had to walk to the main campus and back!  OK, OK...we took the bus back today but that's the first time this week.

    Lectures we received today: Renal Physiology 1, Nutrition  2 (more like digestion), and Cell Signaling 3.  Most of the lectures were very boring!  Afterwards, I met with my research project group.  We have a presentation in 2 weeks and a paper due on the 20th of May (it's about "acute phase proteins", specifically the signaling methods used to generate an acute phase response).  Then we took the bus home, as stated previously.

    I had lunch and have since been lingering online, reading e-mails and such.  (I'm now hooked on the and Delphi forums....argh!  I must read the posts every day at least once).  I've also been listening to music.

    Dawn and I have been flat hunting for the past week.  We wanted to find a flat that would be available on June 01, 2002.  Some people think we're crazy for renting a place out prior to next year's school year -- we'll be paying for the summer when we're not staying there.  But I didn't want to hassle with storage space for my belongings or with the stress of having to find a flat when I come back in October. 

    Dawn and I have viewed 2 flats and 1 house.  The house is close to the veterinary school (5 minutes or less walk) and is very nice, but one tiny bedroom and 2 larger bedrooms.  One of the flats is too far from the veterinary school.  The other flat is extremely nice and well-priced, but is in a so-so area (safety wise) and the letting agency was not too happy about our student status.  So we've decided to go for the house.  It has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, and a living room and kitchen downstairs.  There are: a microwave, stove, oven, washing machine (for clothes), and fridge/freezer.  It comes furnished as well.  We would like to share the flat with Richard, but we'll make that decision tonight (he will decide if he likes it) and discuss the lease with the landlord.  So far so good! 

    That's it.  Dinner tonight shouldn't be good (never is) but the flat viewing should be fun. 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton