Journal Entry #3


    Today was a very rainy day.  I awoke at 6:30am and went to breakfast at 7:30am.  They start serving the hot food at 7:45am, so all I ate for breakfast was Rice Krispies (lots of sugar, of course) and strawberry yogurt.  The beverage was orange juice.  I felt pretty bad this morning, with a runny nose and sore throat.  But it's tolerable, and I took some Sudafed 12 Hour (even though it didn't work). 

    Michelle and I left for school around 8am.  We walked down the drive to the "hole in the wall" where you can reach Maryhill Road.  It rained really hard and we had jackets and umbrellas.  We hit the bus stop for the #18 Bus around 8:20am and waited a bit for the bus.  We made it to the main university campus around 8:45am for our 9am class.  It was held in the Boyd Orr building.  Normally we would have physiology lecture at 9am on Thursday, but it was switched with anatomy lecture today.  We learned some more embryology during today's lecture.  We followed the development and growth of an embryo from the bilaminar disc stage (where it only has an ectoderm and endoderm) until flexion, where the embryo starts to look like an animal in shape (it gets tubular and then curves around into a C shape). 

    At 9:50am, we all walked to the Davidson Lecture Theatre.  We were not sure if the lecture started at 10am or 11am because we had 2 different schedules showing conflicting information.  I left my friends at the lecture theatre and ran up to the Registry (or registrar's office).  I was able to quickly pick up my loan application (that had been certified) and run back down to the Davidson theatre by 10:10am.  My friends were just leaving -- they gave up on waiting for a 10am lecture.  I went with them back to the Registry, where they had business to take care of.  Then we went to the little store and cafe that are in the University Visitor Centre (have you noticed my British spelling yet?).  I bought some post cards, Rebecca a T-shirt and some post cards, and the others had tea.  It was a nice environment there -- warm, dry, and not too crowded. 

    We headed back to the Davidson Theatre, where our professor awaited.  I heard that he had been there after 10am to lecture, only to find no students!  So we had an 11am lecture.  The class was "veterinary biomolecular sciences" and the lecture was our third about proteins.  I really didn't learn anything -- it was all review from previous classes I had taken for my BS degree.  However, I did find the lecture to be interesting and enjoyable.  By the way, the professor has a pretty good Scottish accent. 

    My adventures began after the lecture.  I walked with Rebecca and Dawn to Byres Road, in the rain.  We had to be careful because there were "umbrella jams" everywhere. :)  We visited Iceland (a small grocery store) for Rebecca and then "Mail Boxes, Etc." for me.  I had to mail out my loan application and wanted it to get to Florida fast.  It cost me 23.85 to send it via UPS to have it arrive by Monday (but not guaranteed).  I sure hope it arrives OK!  The last application got lost in the mail, and this is why I wanted to send the duplicate application via UPS or FedEx.  Basically, since the other application was lost, I may not have enough money to pay for accommodation!  I hope the loan comes through ASAP.

    Byres Road was not the adventure.  The adventure was taking the bus home!  Rebecca and Dawn decided to walk home.  I waited at the bus stop.  The bus did not come when it was supposed to, so I ended up waiting over half an hour to catch the bus!!  I was quite unhappy about that, because the same thing happened to me just yesterday.  I noticed a drunk man on the bus bench -- he was just laying there and smelled like alcohol.  There was an empty bottle of vodka beneath him.  Eventually he wandered away and the bus did come.  I was relieved at its arrival.  I boarded the bus and walked upstairs.  There were several girls up there smoking and being real loud.  I noticed several signs saying "no smoking" and also realized that these girls were either stoned or drunk (I have little experience with either type).  So I knew that I wanted to get off the bus ASAP.  Well...the bus got going and I noticed we were being directed by police to detour!  I figured there must be an accident or something.  I worried about getting home.  Finally we came to an area I recognized and were back on the normal route.  The traffic was pretty jammed up in that area, though.  After an hour's ordeal waiting on and catching the bus, I quickly exited at my bus stop (just after the vet school, near the public entrance on Bearsden Road).  I got home around 2pm, exactly the time that the Coffee Shop closes.  That's where I had wanted to get lunch from!!  Oh well.  I went on up to my room and stopped in to see Rebecca.  Rebecca said that they walked home and got there 45 minutes before I did!!  AHHH!  What a nightmare. 

    I'm writing this journal at 5:20pm.  I plan on going to dinner at 6pm -- I pray that it's edible!  Recently we have discovered the joys of going to the gym.  The Garscube Sport Complex is just 5 minutes or less away by foot.  For the last 3 nights in a row some of us girls have worked out at the gym.  We pay 15 per year to use the complex.  Last night I did the rowing machine and the 4 "leg muscle machines", also the back and abdominal machine.  Next time I will do the upper body machines.  It feels great to be able to work out so often.  Let's see if it lasts!! :) 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton