Journal Entry #5


    I really enjoyed my day of relaxation.  I decided not to set foot outside of the hall today, so I never got too cold or wet and my feet never got muddy.  I woke up late because I had stayed up until almost 3am, but really 4am because of daylight savings time.  I tried out my new hot air curler/dryer set and my hair ended up a bit more frizzy than I would have liked.  I also put mousse into my hair for the first time -- it did give my hair more body so I will continue the practice.  (For those of you who didn't notice: I got my hair cut short and layered on 24/10/01 -- see the picture under "miscellaneous").

    At around 11:50am I headed downstairs for brunch.  Bacon, juice, and a doughnut were very tasty!  I know we must be "in for it" soon because I've been able to clean my plate for the last 3 to 4 meals.  After brunch I hung out in my room, aiming to study.  I actually DID study, can you believe it?  Probably only for half the time at most though. :)  I made flash cards about the introductory sheep lecture and the introductory neurophysiology lecture.  At least there's progress being made.  That's a good thing for such a procrastinator as me.  I even had my daily snack of candy, shortbread cookies, and soda (sometimes tea, but not today).

    Laundry was accomplished as well -- 2 loads as usual and a couple of garments that were loaned to me from others.  I lost my watch yesterday.  :*(  Time has flown by today and it's been difficult for me to keep track of.  All of the clocks in my room are in military time (it's a UK thing) so I can easily get thrown off track if I'm not looking closely.  That's what happened for dinner -- I almost missed it!  Luckily, Rebecca reminded me that it was dinner time and I went down to eat with her and Michelle.  Dinner was good, too!  It was ham and diced fried potatoes with cherry pie for dessert and water to drink.  I ate it all.  After dinner I had a little chat with Michelle and James, then headed back to my room.  I plan on going over to Michelle's room in a while to watch her cut Rebecca's hair.  I've been holed away all day in my room, so I better do something. 

    This week should be pretty interesting because I get to go to Cochno Farm on Tuesday and to the health centre on Wednesday.  It's also Halloween on Wednesday and Michelle and I were thinking about going to The Canal for their little Halloween celebration (that's a local pub).  I hope to do something fun that night no matter what.  Tonight I heard from Ingra that November 5th is a big thing here -- some celebration of a guy who attacked the Parliament?  It's called Bonfire Night or something like that and everyone does fireworks and burns effigies.  That should be interesting!  It's hard to believe that November is already here.  The American girls plan on doing something for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps we'll go to an American restaurant or cook a big dinner at someone's flat.  Another November plan we have is to rent a car next weekend and go sight-seeing.  We'd love to see a few castles around here.  The count down has also begun: around 49 days before I get to go home for Christmas! 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton