Journal Entry #6


    I'm writing this to keep "everyone" from suspense.  My life really isn't that exciting at the moment, but here goes...  Today was a nice day in that it contained only one lecture.  I woke up at 7am and of course wanted to go back to sleep.  I did get up and was ready for breakfast at 8am.  Breakfast this morning was the usual "cold breakfast" of Rice Krispies (with plenty of sugar), strawberry yoghurt, and orange juice.  I then checked my mail: I had 2 envelopes, hurray!  One was a cheque (notice the nice British spelling) from my parents -- they had sold my car back in California so I got the money.  The other envelope was a catalogue for the "Republic of Tea". 

    Michelle and I walked to the vet school together and we settled ourselves inside the PPCT, or Pre-Para-Clinical Theatre.  Our lecturer this morning was Parkins, one of my favorite animal husbandry lecturers as of yet.  The subject of nutrition was quite enjoyable because I have always done very well in my animal nutrition courses and find them interesting (depending on the lecturer) and important.  The material was very basic, mostly describing the methods and objectives of proximate analysis of feeds.  Parkins made the lecture so much more interesting by adding silly sounds and graphics to his Power Point presentation.  He sure does have a good sense of humor.

    After the hour of lecture I walked over to the refectory entrance and ordered 2 vet school shirts (1 polo and 1 rugby) from the GUVMA desk.  I'm hoping that I will actually receive what I ordered; I read in an e-mail reporting that last week there weren't enough orders and only one type of shirt had been ordered.  I walked back to Wolfson via the lower river footpath.  On my way to the footpath I was lucky to see someone leading a petite, cute pony.  The footpath sure was muddy!  When I got back to my room I had to be careful not to track mud in.  I was very tired after that hour lecture (even though it wasn't boring) and took a short nap.  Again I didn't want to wake up when my alarm woke me.  I woke up and gave Dawn a ring.  Her phone was busy.  I tried again a couple of times before giving up and leaving for the vet school alone.  It was quite a beautiful day today.  The sun was out in spots and you could see the blue sky here and there.  There were gray clouds in the distance but at least it wasn't raining like yesterday.  I was wearing my nice new wool coat so I kept warm.  I even had on my "thinsulate" gloves that I bought for just over 1 pound.  The umbrella was in my backpack: just in case.

    I took the ROAD this time, to avoid the mud.  (I just realized that this font doesn't allow italics!  Isn't that odd?!).  After arriving at the vet school I walked into the pre-clinical building and tried to find Dr. Robertson's office (she's my regent).  Of course I didn't look in any of the right places and I even ended up in pathology!  Finally someone was able to point me in the right direction and I found the correct office.  Dawn arrived shortly after I did.  Dr. Robertson was to go to lunch with us so she told us to go on ahead of her and meet her at Lock 27 (a local pub).  Dawn and I walked down there in 10 minutes' time.  Once seated, Dr. Robertson entered.  We enjoyed a pasta lunch with her, chatting about where we came from and our various previous experiences.  Another student joined us shortly, her name was Jean and she was a 2nd year student.  Our conversation was good, the food was good, and soon it was time for us to leave.  We followed Dr. Robertson out to her vehicle and she let her dogs out to eliminate.  Finally we went our separate ways.  Dawn took a ride from Dr. Robertson, going back to the vet school.  I ended up walking to Great Western Road to catch a bus.

    I was VERY happy that I had to wait less than 5 minutes for a bus to come along.  I hopped on and took it to just past Byres Road.  Then I walked to the Registry's Enquiry Office and obtained my second loan cheque -- hallelujah!!  After SO much stress to get that loan, it FINALLY arrived.  I then paid some fees and headed over to my bank (located in the "Hub").  After depositing a couple of cheques I headed to the bus stop.  I waited about 15 minutes for bus 59 and took it to the main entrance of the vet school.  From there I walked to Wolfson Hall.  I got in around 4pm and read my e-mail, listened to some MP3 files, and couldn't help myself from ordering 2 CDs from!  I bought Mozart's horn concertos with the soloist being Dennis Brain -- one of the greatest horn players whom I remember my horn teacher praising.  I have always wanted a CD containing the entire horn concertos.  I also bought Kenny G's Miracle album -- it's a Christmas album that I have enjoyed over the years and even had the cassette tape.  I actually have the piano accompaniment part because I once was going to accompany a saxophonist for a Christmas concert. 

    Dinner was not so good, but not so bad.  It was some rice mixed with corn, peas, olives, and mushrooms.  I ate around the olives.  I also had some cooked cauliflower -- it was good.  Dessert was chocolate pudding, also very good.  I ate dinner with Quinn and Rebecca; Duncan was nearby as well (Duncan suggested that I write another journal entry).  THIS is my after-dinner project and it's nearing an end.  I hope you all enjoyed my boring day!  I'm off to the gym in half an hour, then I'll study for tomorrow's tutorial and go to bed. 

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