Journal Entry #7


    The weather was beautiful today and the lectures were stimulating, so I had a good day.  Breakfast was the usual cereal and yogurt, but I also had the pleasant surprise of a croissant.  The walk to the vet school was not bad because it really wasn't cold out.  No rain, either.  The 9:00 am lecture was about the "vertebral column".  The vertebrae: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and caudal (coccygeal).  The 10:30 am practical session was interesting, as some of things displayed were: a dog cut in half to expose the vertebral column (both halves, frozen); older preserved tissue from large animals to show the vertebral column in relation to flesh; various skeletons and parts of skeletons from horses, cows, dogs, cats, and pigs; radiographs showing the vertebral column; vertebrae for us to handle; and a live greyhound for us to palpate the atlas vertebra and others with their various processes. 

    Lunch at the refectory was very tasty (a baguette filled with tuna).  Then I spent some time at the computer cluster.  I used a program to quiz myself on the breeds of sheep and cattle, also some questions about lambing.  Finally it was time to go to the second anatomy lecture.  In the PPCT theatre, the lecturer flew through the anatomy of the thoracic body wall, including: bones, cartilage, muscles, connective tissue, and blood vessels.  The 2:30 pm practical session was just a repeat of the 10:30 session (for those who wanted to view demonstrations again), plus a 5 minute video in the beginning.  I stayed only for the video, which showed us how to properly handle and use our dissection instruments.  Dissection begins next week! 

    Our day of classes ended around 3:00 pm, and I observed that it is already beginning to get dark at that hour.  Back at home (Wolfson), I looked into the possibility of taking a day tour tomorrow (Rebecca is going).  I found out that there was indeed a spot open for me -- I reserved that spot and paid via the phone.  Tomorrow we awake at 4:30 am!  We need to catch the bus around 5 am in order to get to the Buchanan Bus Station (in city centre) in time for a 6:30 am bus to Edinburgh.  Once in Edinburgh we're supposed to check in with the tour company at 8:15 am and take the tour out of town at 8:45am.  It's called the "Highland Ranger Tour" and it will take us to Loch Tay, Doune Castle, a town called Killin, some water falls, and a whiskey distillery among other places.  We should arrive home around 7 pm or so, being exhausted after an exciting day of touring Scotland.  :)  Other plans for this weekend include watching the meteor showers early Sunday morning and touring more of Scotland via car with many of "the girls". 2003-2006, Cindy Fulton