Stockholm 2005

January 6 - 9

    Amy and I flew to Stockholm from Glasgow's Prestwick airport (an hour south of Glasgow).  We took a bus from the Skavsta airport to city centre, and then a taxi to the hostel.  The hostel was on Langhomen, one of the islands of the Stockholm archipelago.  The hostel/hotel combo was housed in a building that was a prison until 1975 and the rooms were like prison cells - ours was very tiny with a bunk bed, TV and modern equipped bathroom.  In Stockholm we walked around and shopped in Gamla Stan (old town on its own island), ate at both TGI Fridays and the Hard Rock Cafe, visited the Absolut Icebar in the Nordic Sea hotel, visited the museum of modern art, and walked through a market hall.  Transportation was via the very efficient and easy to use subway system.  Cultural food I ate: appelstrudel, chokballs, cabbage, and pizza with banana, curry and ham. 2005-2006 Cindy Fulton